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Strokes Maker is a unique software product intended for creation of vector engravings and artistic vectorization of raster images. The software uses original algorithms for calculation of vector strokes based on initial raster images. It renders halftones and image relief. Thousands of strokes interrupt and intersect under different angles, turn from continuous to dotted line, disappear and emerge again, changing their path and forming a unique of a kind high quality vector image. One incorrectly calculated stroke, like one false note in a symphony, can spoil the harmony of lines making up a single image. But the Strokes Maker is tool of exclusively fine tuning, and if it is necessary to disrupt the mathematical precision of lines the intuitive friendly parameters will help to give a handworked reality. To obtain such line-art images (engravings) before now ?days, weeks, sometimes even months of meticulous handmade work performed by engraving craftsmen were required. It is sufficient to download now a demo version of the software and you can try it. However, as any sophisticated tool the Strokes Maker allows a significant creative freedom. It is possible to hatch a photograph with a simple hatching from the standard set, and it is also possible to spend the whole day creating a portray, which consists of dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of various forms, masks and hatchings. See below a few examples performed in Strokes Maker: The license allows using the final result, that is export it to popular graphic formats: ai, eps, pdf, svg, jpg, png.]]> Tue, 19 May 2015 22:00:00 +0000
VCOrganizerTab+ VCOrganizerTab+ Developed by Vecal

VCOrganizer Tab is designed for Android Tablet (3.0+) for secure storage of important notes, tasks and events on your tablet.

To avoid any unhappy experiences, before purchasing, please try the free App VCOrganizer TabLite from Market, with 14 days free trial.

- Sync Outlook Tasks, Notes, Contacts, Events
- Sync with Outlook using WiFi
- Sync with Outlook using Bluetooth (Optional)
- Sync with Outlook using USB (using mobile built-in USB Tethering)
- Support MS Outlook Client 2003, 2007&2010
- Password and Pattern lock
- AES Encryption
- Backup/Restore from SD card
- Notes Widget with Category Color
- Tasks(scrollable), support multiple task Widgets on home screen and filter tasks by category.
- Events(scrollable), support multiple event Widgets on home screen, show events, tasks and contacts reminder, and filter events by category.
- Contacts Widgets
- Notes/Tasks/Calendar/Contacts/Sync Shortcuts
- AutoSync to schedule sync automatically(Optional)
- Day/Night Mode
- Multi-Tabbed Environment.

Languages: English, German, French (Beta), Spanish, Italian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan)

- You need to purchase the AutoSync Extension to enable the AutoSync features, pls search VCOrganizer AutoSync from the market)
- You need to purchase Bluetooth extension module to eanble the Bluetooth Sync, please search VCO-BluetoothExt from Market)

Keywords: Outlook, sync, GTD, task, note, event, calendar, contact, secure, encrypt, appointment, bluetooth, wifi, sync, auto, schedule, tablet, scroll, widget

1) Please read FAQ before considering purchasing:

2) When sync Contacts with Outlook, due to the different of data structure between Android Contact App and Outlook, not all contacts on your mobile can be synced to Outlook directly. Please see the FAQ for details:
9. Why the Sync is so slow at the first time?
16 Some of my contacts are not synced to Outlook why and how to fix it?
]]> Tue, 20 Sep 2011 22:00:00 +0000
IntelliMail IntelliMail Developed by Vecal

With the powerful IntelliMail, the ULTIMATE multi-purpose Auto-mation Business Software that will manage your newsletters, email advertising campaigns automatically and effortlessly with a single click, you are entering the next dimension in email marketing technology by merging the advantages and features previously provided by different providers into one program. It is without doubt that email is the single most important technology on the net. This is more so apparent as sending emails is the most cost effective form of communication, is direct, personal and, in some programs, your virtual efficient 1-man administrative staff. And emails come in various modified forms. But, in order to derive the most of this technology to bring any form of enterprise to its full earning potential, it is imperative that you have in your possession the right email tool that will effectively reach out to the broadest and most targeted responsive recipients to your messages, easily, automatically and continuously!]]> Fri, 31 Dec 2010 23:00:00 +0000
dbXpert for Oracle dbXpert for Oracle Developed by Vecal

The foundation and basic tools for Oracle professionals to create and execute queries. Build and manage database objects. Compact, multi-tabbed Schema Browser allows you to quickly navigate and manage database objects Session statistics, including calculated statistics, provide quick viewing of the database server loading Advanced data editor and browser Script Library to save frequent executed SQL queries Reports Storage and User Management Object and Record Search ]]> Fri, 31 Dec 2010 23:00:00 +0000
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